Hi, I'm Kara Anthony...

a wife, mother and photographer. I'm a game night fanatic, dinner party host, and my husband's sous chef. I'm most alive when I get to be creative – whether by hosting a friend’s birthday party, talking design, or being behind the camera.

Growing up I was always a hobby photographer. My dad gave me my first camera when I was 12 that I toted around in a red lunch box on family vacations. In high school, I furthered my love for photography with darkroom classes and taking my friends' portraits.

After moving to Houston for my husband to attend law school, I got the chance to work with a very talented photographer, and now very close friend, who gave me the opportunity and resources to pick up a camera again.

I love documenting growing families, a baby’s first days in the world, birthday parties, events, and weddings. But even more so, I love that the process of capturing these moments affords me the chance to get to know all kinds of people and be a part of their lives for a day.

I hope to get to talk you soon about documenting your growing family or capturing your next small event on camera.