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Did you see Luke’s newborn session in the hospital?  Or Becky and Barrett’s maternity session?  You can check them out here and here.

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What a joy it is to watch a family grow.  Please check out Will’s newborn session here.


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This session is extra special to me because this sweet baby girl belongs to some of my best friends, Anna and Tyler.  Edie Marie, we are so glad you are here and so his your big brother, Otto, he is the most excited.

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‘Twas a few weeks before Christmas, when all through the ‘hood

not a baby was stirring, and all was good.

The mobile was hung above the crib with care,

in hopes that Emily Joan would soon be there.

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Meet baby Caroline and her parents Laura and Tom.  I had the privilege of hanging out with this cute little girl just three weeks after she was born.  Laura and Tom thanks for letting me capture your sweet family!

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Meet sweet baby Claire and her proud mom and dad, Amy and Travis (and their two cute pups).  I loved watching these two love on their new baby girl.  There was such peace and calm in this house even amidst the craziness a 10 day old baby can bring.  Amy and Travis thank you for welcoming  me into your home and letting me hang out with sweet Claire for the afternoon.

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Did you catch Caitlin’s Maternity shoot earlier this week?  If not check it out here. Just before our session I was honored to host and photograph a baby shower for my sweet friend along with a great team of hostesses.  We threw a camping theme shower for the little  guy which included a hot apple cider bar, delicious food, a teepee to hold the gifts, and bingo.  With the help of Loot Vintage Rentals we were able to transform the house into a cozy space to celebrate baby Hays.  Some of my favorites from Loot included the faux mantle, antlers, throw pillows, leather poofs and the layered rugs.  Enjoy!


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Loot offers unique and beautiful rentals from mixed china to furniture.  Their talented team also offers design and styling services for large and small events.  To find out more about Loot Vintage Rentals check them out at

A few months ago I got to photograph one of my long time best friends before she had her sweet boy.  Who would have known that when we met in second grade that we would be having babies at the same time.  Enjoy this maternity session of Caitlin and her cute baby bump! _CB31125 _CB31124 _CB31107 comp 1 _CB31137 _CB31153 _CB31159 _CB31165 _CB31189 _CB31178 _CB31174 _CB31170 _CB31184