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A couple of months ago I had the best morning photographing my friends and their cute blue eyed children, Bayrd and Larkin.  We played with cars, ran around the backyard, captured some one year old portraits of Larkin and then played some more.

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Did you catch Meg and Anthony’s Maternity Session on the blog last month?

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This session seems like forever ago since baby Minna is now almost 8 months old.  Meg and Anthony are some of my most favorite people around so it was no doubt that I loved spending the afternoon with them at their home capturing just the two of them.







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Check back next week for Minna’s newborn session.

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I love to photograph kids when they have just started to sit up.  It’s a fun new phase where they can play and interact more easily but they can’t crawl away just yet.  This is Truett, sitting up like a pro at 7 months.  Enjoy!






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Have you seen Truett’s Newborn post.

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