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Last week I had a fun afternoon playing at Sugar & Cloth’s Color Wall, it included a cute toddler, balloons, a growing baby bump, fashion and lots of color!  Meet Kate…soon to be big sister, mom’s tiny intern, fun, fashion forward toddler.  And her mama, Natalie… talented image and brand consultant in Houston.

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A few weeks ago while I was in Austin, I got to spend the morning with this family.  Thanks for letting me spend the morning exploring the creeks and grassy fields with you Nicole, Stephen and Emerson!


_KLA8088 _KLA8142 _KLA8149 _KLA8192 _KLA8214 _KLA8219 _KLA8235 _KLA8252 _KLA8308 _KLA8342

Meet baby Caroline and her parents Laura and Tom.  I had the privilege of hanging out with this cute little girl just three weeks after she was born.  Laura and Tom thanks for letting me capture your sweet family!

_KLA9413 _KLA9430 _KLA9445 _KLA9528 _KLA9478 _KLA9521 comp 1-2 _KLA9530 _KLA9541 _KLA9585 _KLA9591 _KLA9597 _KLA9603 comp 2-2 _KLA9616 _KLA9627 _KLA9648 _KLA9672 _KLA9674


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A couple of months ago I had the best morning photographing my friends and their cute blue eyed children, Bayrd and Larkin.  We played with cars, ran around the backyard, captured some one year old portraits of Larkin and then played some more.

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February 24, 2015 in Kids, Personal

One of my son’s favorite activities is to get on mommy and daddy’s bed and  hide under the sheets.  I love seeing kids finding pure fun in the simple things.  Here’s one of our weekly play times from a few months ago.

_CB37167_CB37171 _CB37175 _CB37182 _CB37178



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I have loved watching this little guy grow up.  It has been so fun to document each new milestone from when he was just a few days old, to when he started sitting up and then this session with him running at age one!  Can’t wait to see what this next year holds for him and his mom and dad.



comp 1
















Did you catch Truett’s first birthday party on the blog last week?

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I love to photograph kids when they have just started to sit up.  It’s a fun new phase where they can play and interact more easily but they can’t crawl away just yet.  This is Truett, sitting up like a pro at 7 months.  Enjoy!






comp 1 _CB38899


Have you seen Truett’s Newborn post.

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Hard to believe this little guy is ONE now.  It seems like we just did his newborn session.  This little sailor celebrated his first birthday at home with friends and family.  His momma did not slack on all the cute details and yummy food.  So glad I could celebrate with you Truett!




Comp 5-6-6


Comp 6-5-5

Comp 4-7-7



Comp 1-14-14


 Comp 3-12-12



Comp 2-16-16













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Little did I know that when this sweet family knocked on my door last year to introduce themselves that we would become fast friends.  With kids just 10 weeks apart and both stay at home moms God knew what he was doing by putting another new mom in my life.  Just before their little girl Hadley turned one we got together for this family session.







comp 2





comp 3


comp 1


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