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I have had a few great opportunities to document some pretty special moments with this family.  Do you remember this maternity session when Meg was pregnant with their first child, Minna or her newborn session? ? I love watching (and documenting) their family grow!

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It is a joy to work with clients over and over again, I love building that relationship and watching their kiddos and families grow.  I first worked with Kelsey and Tom at their first son’s newborn session, and now Henry is a big brother! Meet his little brother Peter…

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I love when work and friends collide…meet some of my dear friends and their newest addition to their family, James Philip.  Big sister Susie was very excited to have her own baby and to give him lots of kisses.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was just sharing Susie’s newborn session.

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Did you catch Claire’s first newborn session at the hospital when she was just 24 hours old?  A few weeks later I had another session with her, this time at home and with big brother Royce.  I loved seeing Royce love on his little sister, getting to photograph in a precious little girl’s nursery and all of the morning light streaming in for this session.  Thanks Scott and Valorie for letting me capture another special family moment.

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I can hardly believe Royce is hold enough to be a big brother, it seems like I was just sharing his newborn session with you, do you catch his newborn session and Valorie’s maternity session?

Meet Claire Mathis, 24 hours new and this little girl has already stolen the hearts of her momma and daddy.  So lucky to have been one of the firsts to meet this bundle of cuteness in the hospital just after she was born.

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