_KLA4223 _KLA4203 _KLA4210 _KLA4230 _KLA4247 _KLA4289 _KLA4337 _KLA4341 _KLA4353 _KLA4373 _KLA4374 _KLA4357 _KLA4379 _KLA4180_KLA4423 _KLA4463 _KLA4414 _KLA4432 _KLA4474 _KLA4536 _KLA4574

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_KLA8062 _KLA8082 _KLA8087 _KLA8138 _KLA8221 _KLA8263 _KLA8247 _KLA8110 _KLA8252 _KLA8183 _KLA8168 _KLA8205 _KLA8171_KLA8306 _KLA8308 _KLA8318

It was such an honor to be a part of Terrell and Abbott’s wedding day. What a joy it was to witness two families becoming one as all their kids stood at the front of the church with them as they said I do. The ceremony took place at St. John the Divine and a beautiful, fun reception at the Bayou Club coordinated by the talented ladies at Swift + Company. Special thanks to Sarah Snider for capturing the day with me.

IMG_7171 IMG_7172 IMG_7184 _KLA3138 _KLA3127 _KLA3108 _KLA3112 _KLA3119 _KLA3123 IMG_7469 IMG_7480 IMG_7477 IMG_7378 IMG_7409 IMG_7389 IMG_7261 IMG_7271 IMG_7270 IMG_7286 IMG_7281 IMG_7317 _KLA3546 _KLA3179 IMG_7574 IMG_7586 IMG_7491 _KLA3392 IMG_7634 _KLA3434 _KLA3431 _KLA3457 _KLA3506 _KLA3673-Edit _KLA3190 IMG_7716 _KLA3865 _KLA3697 IMG_7830 _KLA3709 IMG_8418 IMG_8089 _KLA4076 _KLA4087 IMG_8465IMG_8085 IMG_7906 IMG_8327 IMG_8645 IMG_8496 IMG_8705 IMG_8109 _KLA4297 _KLA4260   _KLA4378-EditIMG_8746

I loved getting to spend the evening with Grace, Evan and their closest friends and family the night before their wedding day.  The Forest Club was a beautiful and intimate space perfect to honor this fun couple.  Grace and Evan thanks for letting me be a part of celebrating the start of your lives together.

_KLA0465 Untitled-2 _KLA0457 _CB39871 _CB39878 Untitled 4-2 _KLA0422 _CB39876 _CB39927 _KLA0492 _CB39897 Untitled 1-2 _CB30013_CB39941 _CB39965 _CB39939 _KLA0664 _CB30064 _CB30073 Untitled 5-2 _CB30101 _CB30091

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I am excited to announce that I will be doing Fall Mini Sessions again this year on Saturday, October 15th.  Mini Sessions include a 15 minute session, 15 images and all the printing rights for $150.  Limited spots available, please contact me via my “Contact” page to get more information and reserve your spot.

Here are a few of my favorite images from last years minis…

_KLA9978 _KLA0097 _KLA9994 _KLA0083 _KLA0239 _KLA0195 _KLA0244 _KLA9838 _KLA9798 _KLA9691 _KLA9697 _KLA9729 _KLA9744 _KLA7853 _KLA7809 _KLA7945 _KLA7645 _KLA7670 _KLA7649 _KLA7459 _KLA7545 _KLA7333 _KLA7376

Last week I had a fun afternoon playing at Sugar & Cloth’s Color Wall, it included a cute toddler, balloons, a growing baby bump, fashion and lots of color!  Meet Kate…soon to be big sister, mom’s tiny intern, fun, fashion forward toddler.  And her mama, Natalie… talented image and brand consultant in Houston.

_KLA0777_KLA0770 _KLA0845 _KLA0748 _KLA0751 _KLA0823_KLA0836 _KLA0870 _KLA0862_KLA0800 _KLA0787 _KLA0807 _KLA0804 _KLA0868 _KLA0903 _KLA0991_KLA0983 _KLA1004 _KLA0876 _KLA1002-Edit





_KLA5892 _KLA5863 _KLA5935 _KLA5973 _KLA6003 _KLA6092 _KLA5994 _KLA6173 _KLA6175 _KLA6156 _KLA6144 _KLA6169 _KLA6140 _KLA6184

I have had a few great opportunities to document some pretty special moments with this family.  Do you remember this maternity session when Meg was pregnant with their first child, Minna or her newborn session? ? I love watching (and documenting) their family grow!

_KLA9435 _KLA9429 _KLA9694 _KLA9725 _KLA9712 _KLA9706 _KLA9459 _KLA9492 _KLA9414 _KLA9536 _KLA9555_KLA9532  _KLA9598 _KLA9648 _KLA9441  _KLA9654_KLA9676 _KLA9714

It is a joy to work with clients over and over again, I love building that relationship and watching their kiddos and families grow.  I first worked with Kelsey and Tom at their first son’s newborn session, and now Henry is a big brother! Meet his little brother Peter…

_KLA9028 _KLA9042 _KLA9051 _KLA8998 _KLA8989 _KLA9123 _KLA9111 _KLA9104_KLA9154 _KLA9150 _KLA9147 _KLA9156 _KLA9162 _KLA9213 _KLA9180 _KLA9242

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